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10 Best Hat Steamers 2022 [Latest Updated]

A hat steamer is one essential piece of equipment you should get right away for hat shaping. Many of us own a nice collection of cowboy hats, but it gets horribly dirty, sweaty, and wrinkled just after the first use.

It is the ultimate guide about the best hat steamers and its buying guide. Choose any steamer for hat shaping, either jiffy hat steamers or garment steamers. Ironing the hat would be the craziest idea you could ever think of, right!

Then the only one-stop solution to reshape your favorite hat into its glorious form is a hat steamer, yes you heard it right!. Hat steamers work instantly in letting you attain the original shape of the hat, leaving the fabric smooth and crisp.

Below is a detailed review of the 10 best hat steamers available in the market. Without further ado, let’s take an inside look at them!

Specialist Hat Steamer Reviews

1.    Jiffy J 1 Hat Steamer, Gray 120 Volts


This steamer by Jiffy is one of the first-ever simple hat steamers having the same body elements as other garment steamers.  However, as its name suggests, it is only designated for hat ironing, so it does not have any long hose.

You can place this hat steamer on a tabletop to offer convenience while shaping precious hats of yours. Backup with the power of 1300 W, Jiffy J-1 provides a continuous flow of steam within a short period.

This rapid steam flow allows you to shape multiple hats at a time without any need for refilling. Moreover, to promote the uniform distribution of steam, Jiffy J-1 has a brass nozzle with five small outlets.

Whether you want to shape, crease, block, or stretch cowboy hats and felt hats, this cowboy hat steamer serves all your purposes.

The J-1 hat steamer provides you with an automatic switch-off mechanism for a customer-safety approach.

No matter how many kinds of hats you own, this Jiffy hat steamer is perfect to match your preferences at a reasonable cost.


  • Steamer of 1300 W
  • Heating time 1 minute
  • Brass nozzle for steam outlet
  • Durable housing made of aluminum
  • Design easy to adjust on a tabletop with rubber bottom
  • Auto shut-off system
  • Valve cap to prevent water spilling
  • Warranty of three years
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • 7ft long power cord

2.    Jiffy J-2000H Hat Steamer


This model, Jiffy steamer J-2000H,  is considered the best commercial hat steamer. Heavy-duty material and large capacity housing make it long-lasting in shaping felt hats.

Though the J-2000H comes with the same 1300 watt steaming power as other models, it reaches its preheat temperature within 15 minutes.

The steam outlet of the brass nozzle makes it perfect to work as a straw hat shaper.

This hat steamer is equipped with a water tank of one gallon having a suitable steam setting.

The Jiffy steamer J-2000H features an exclusive sight gauge. So, it facilitates users checking on the water and sediment level during steaming.

This hat steamer tends to produce steam within 2 minutes once the preheated temperature got achieved.

It is convenient to adjust this hat steamer where you go, courtesy of the tabletop design that does not occupy much space.

On top of that, this steamer has an automatic shut-off system. So, users don’t have to worry about overheating while de-wrinkling and shaping their favorite hat.


  • 1300 watt power steamer
  • Metallic hat nozzle made of brass
  • Aluminum housing
  • Hose available with preheat settings
  • Features a side gauge for water visibility
  • Automatically shut-off for heat safety
  • Steam time 1 hour and 45 minutes

3.    J-4000 H Jiffy Hat Steamer


This professional j 4000h jiffy hat steamer comes with a powerhouse of 1500 watts. Owing to this steaming power, it belongs to the category of commercial Jiffy steamers used by laundry (or hat) shops, milliners, etc.

One unique aspect of this hat steamer is purified steam combined with moisture. As a hat shaper, it works on nesting rings, wrinkles, or packing marks, reshaping your cowboy hat flawlessly.

The steamer consists of aluminum housing and a hat nozzle made of high-quality brass. Nothing can beat the durability of this masterpiece Jiffy steamer for hat.

Moreover, it has a 1-gallon capacity boiler tank of stainless steel. So, customers will not find any rusting or scaling while steaming garments.

The users have the flexibility to set the steamer to standby temperature in 15 minutes. And once steam forms, it will last for 2 hours, so you can de-wrinkle velvet felt or straw hat easily.


  • 1500 W steaming power
  • Tough diecast made of aluminum
  • 2-hour steaming duration
  • Sight gauge to evaluate water and sediment level
  • A safety feature of shut-off automatically
  • Color-coded wiring for high temperature
  • Steam forms within 2 minutes
  • Made in the US

4.    PurSteam Garment Steamer Professional Heavy Duty


Do you really want to level up your game of steaming garments, especially hats? Head over to this professional version of the PurSteam heavy-duty home garment steamer.

It’s worthwhile to mention that despite being called professional hat steamer, the PurSteam garment steamer is still suitable only for home or personal use.

Having an enormous power of 1500W, it produces steam in less than a minute. The adaptability of hot steam with the fabric material of your hat is just unparalleled, thanks to the four calculated steam levels.

This heavy-duty steamer features a water tank of 85 oz (2.5litres) large enough for non-stop steaming for up to one hour.

With the built-in safety cap, you will not hustle refilling the hot tank while surrounded by kids. It’s easy to de-wrinkle hard-to-access garment areas with the convenience of a handheld steam board.

And guess what, this handy steamer comes with an adjustable hanger. So, you can hang any garment with ease, from hats, jeans to even curtains. Other accessories of this steamer are; fabric brush, iron board, and pant press.

By looking at the fantastic reviews about this clothes steamer, I wouldn’t mind using it as my straw hat shaper. After all, PurSteam garment steamer offers an all-in-one solution for all your clothing line up.


  • Four steam adjustment options
  • Extra-large water holding capacity
  • Flexible hanger suits every clothing type
  • Heating time: 45 seconds
  • Continuous steaming time: 1 hour

5.    Conair turbo extreme steam fabric steamer with dual heat


This upright Conair steamer could be an ideal replacement for the traditional hat steamer owing to the unique dual heat mechanism. So, the steam gets heated twice, first in the water house and secondly in the steam head.

This system creates a flow of more powerful steam concentrated with micro water molecules resulting in dry steaming of hats.

Furthermore, the water tank of the Conair steamer has a capacity of 60oz, which equates to a steaming time of one hour.

Conair Turbo Extremer Steamer has tried its best to enhance your cloth steaming experience. Wondering how? It comes with attachments of a crease tool and a fabric brush.

From telescopic rod, trouser clip to the built-in hanger, everything is here to unwrinkle your garment, be it sweatpants, curtains, or felt hats.

Lastly, the innovative design enables the killing of 99% of bacteria, especially bed bugs, making this commercial garment steamer stand out among other varieties.


  • Heating time 1 minute
  • 40% concentrated steam
  • 1800W power
  • 8ft power cord
  • Steaming time 60 minutes
  • Removable water tank for refill
  • Warranty 1-year

6.    Salav GS45-DJ professional series clothes steamer, Silver


Another reliable option for a multi-purpose garment steamer to be used as a hat steamer is the SALAV GS45-DJ series clothes steamer. This steamer’s design is of high quality plus customer-friendly for home use.

One significant feature that sets it apart from others is the incorporation of dual poles instead of a single telescope pole. This feature together with the foot pedal adds much stability to the overall design of the steamer.

The enhancement of multi-hangers makes it easy to hang shirts, pants, or smaller garments like your felt hat.

Double insulation of the hose works as a cherry on the top to maintain high-quality hat steaming and cool touch.

Some accessories that come with this steamer are; brush, hanger clips, mini paddle, and a pant press. One cannot go wrong in steaming their most-loved hats with this convenient garment steamer.

The addition of a foot pedal allows you to control steam and power settings while moving around with it.

Ease-of-use, super fast and high steaming power, dual-bar stability, and built-in hangers offer great perks to get your hands on this affordable Salav steamer.

It can surely help you handle various garment types including, straw or cowboy hats.


  • Steaming power; 15000W
  • Re-fillable water tank capacity; 1.8 liter
  • Multi hangers
  • Two adjustments of steam
  • Teo telescopic bars
  • Steaming time one hour
  • Heating time 45 seconds

7.    Rowenta QR1010 IXEO all In One steamer and iron, White


It is a perfect combo of steamer and iron made with an ergonomically designed 3-position board to crease, shrink, and shape garments of all kinds.

You can comfortably steam or iron clothes, whether at vertical, horizontal, or tilted (angled) positions.

It can conveniently match the delicacy and heaviness of your fabric type with no adjustment required. The removable water tank and the steam wand make it a multi-purpose device for hats, upholstery, and furniture.

The installment of stainless steel soleplate infused with turbo steam and 1500 W power favors quick wrinkle removal from hats.

You can safely move this portable steamer+iron, thanks to the adjustable board height and built-in wheels. It is worthy of selection, owing to its intelligent design, powered steam, and mobility.


  • Smartboard technology
  • Water tank capacity 33Oz or 1 liter
  • Board adjustable height 30”-45”
  • Kill 99.9% of bacteria
  • Dual adjustable pole
  • Heating time 45 seconds
  • Steam power 1500 Watt
  • Steam pressure 5 bars
  • Removable water tank
  • Power cord length 3m

8.    Philips StyleTouch GC442/67 Garment Steamer, Gold


This handheld steamer introduced a SmartFlow heated plate offering a consistent flow of heat to make clothes wrinkle-free and clean in one go.

You have options to use this either horizontally or vertically to refresh ironed clothes with no ironing board required.

Especially for the creasing of tricky areas, the soleplate on the steam head will press on collars, creases, or other tough-to-iron areas.

This Philips garment steamer is highly portable with a self-standing compact design. However, it is provided with a 2m long power cord to take along the steamer wherever you want smoothly.

Do you wonder how to clean this so-compact garment steamer? Well, it has a built-in Calc-cleaning system for effective performance.

Fabric brush, StyleMat Support, and steaming gloves are some great accessories you will receive in the package of this garment steamer.


  • Steam power 1500 W
  • Water tank capacity 200ml
  • 30g/min continuous flow of steam
  • Smart headed soleplate
  • Fabric brush for thick garments
  • Mat support
  • Safety gloves
  • Power cord length 2m
  • Self-standing model
  • De wrinkle 2-3 clothes per tank fill

9.    OGHom Steamer, Handheld Garment Steamer


This portable equipment is one of the most popular handheld garment steamers ever designed by OGHom. This mini-size handy steamer features a 9m long power cord makes it a perfect travel partner for backpackers.

Manufacturers install stainless steel heating panels in this garment steamer, resulting in a rust-free steaming of your hats.

You can set it to the desired temperature, then let it heat up for two minutes at least. In this way, this steamer produces an intense flow of steam to de-wrinkle all your fabric in no time.

Specific elements of the overheating protection system and thermostat control system eliminate the risk of heat damage.

Now you are no longer dependent on the tedious routine of ironing clothes. It’s an easy setup with heat resistant nozzle that will let you remove wrinkles from the toughest of your fabric.


  • Water tank capacity 240ml
  • Heat time 2 minutes
  • Steaming time: 18 minutes
  • Steam power 700 W
  • Steamer weight 0.56 kg
  • 304 stainless steel heating panel
  • Power cord 9ft long
  • Overheating protection system
  • Warranty 3 years

10.   Steamery Stockholm Cirrus No. 02 Clothes Steamer, Black


Want to turn your wrinkled and dull hat into a perfectly-shaped piece? Check out this multi-functional handheld steamer with a super-luxurious aesthetic design.

The front steaming brushed head of stainless steel distributes steam evenly all over the fabric.

Refilling of a 75ml water tank is possible by switching off the steamer. It has a flow rate of 15g steam/minute.

It removes odors from silk and viscose fabric without getting them scorched.

This steamer by Cirrus makes use of high-pressure steam that not only removes wrinkles but also preserves fabric’s delicate color and shine.

Cirrus provides you with a heat protection bag for ease of storage.

This sleek, fashionable, and portable steamer has everything you need to make your hat wrinkle-free with super-fast steaming.


  • Heat protection bag
  • Scandinavian design model
  • Woven cord with an aesthetic finish
  • Steamer weight 590gm
  • Water tank capacity 75ml
  • Steam rate 15g/minute
  • Steaming time 6 minutes
  • Heat Up time 25 seconds

Buying Guide- What factors to Consider When Buying a Hat steamer

While ironing clothes is a bit of a hectic menial job, shaping the hat is another troublesome scenario. Hat steamers are, therefore, your go-to equipment to get done with this nerve-wracking task.

However, before narrowing down one steamer for your garment needs, there is a criterion you should follow.

Size and Nature of the Steamer

The first thing you should assess is the model style you are looking for. Four main designs of clothing steamers are;

Travel steamers:

These are the smallest and lightweight but with limited steaming power to refresh your clothes.

Handheld steamers:

They are designed specifically for personal use. It can de-wrinkle multiple clothes spontaneously, with a reasonably large hose and steaming power.

Self-standing steamers:

These kinds of steamers are perfect for home use with high-powered steam. Ideally, it is suitable for steaming various clothing for a bunch of family members.

Professional commercial steamers:

Such steamers have a large water tank and heavy-duty construction to fulfill the need of a large family or for commercial business use.

Steaming Performance

You can evaluate the overall performance of the steamer by looking at its power value. Whether it is 500W or 1800W, every steamer can work unless suitable for the delicacy of your fabric. To deal with heavier fabric material, you need to buy a steamer with high-power settings.

Ease of operation

Here multiple factors came into play, like the weight of the steamer. To compensate for long sessions, choose lightweight steamers that are handheld. For personal use, you can opt for a self-standing steamer with the ease of tank refiling. If you are a backpacker, choose travel steamers to freshen up wrinkled clothes.

Another aspect is the portability of the steamer model. Especially for commercial spaces, select a model having long cords so you can pull it anywhere you want smoothly.

Steaming Durations

How long your steamer could create a steam flow per tank fill is another consideration for clothes steamers. It all depends on what bundle of clothes you are catering to regularly. A one-hour steaming time/tank is suitable to steam a range of daily wears.

Steamer Cost

The cost of a garment steamer should correspond to the quality of steamed clothes you get in return. Do not fall for a highly-priced steamer model if you steam clothes occasionally. Or, for regular use, investing in a cheap piece of the steamer is not an ideal option.


Whenever you get your hands on any garment steamer, check on the different accessories they deliver within the steamer package.

Like steamers should come up with hangers for long dresses and brushes for heavier fabric. Always choose a steamer well-equipped with accessories to facilitate effortless steaming.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1. How to shape a hat using a hat steamer?

  • Firstly, trace out the type of material your hat is made up of and then choose a hat steamer accordingly.
  • Turn on your steamer and let it preheat to steaming temperature
  • Your hat, especially felt hats, may open up due to steam. Once the felt gets warm in 5 seconds, smooth back its original form
  • Steam your hat from inside and outside to warm up fabric all around
  • Gently move your finger from the top or bottom to flatten out any bump or crease
  • Start shaping the band of your hat by flipping it upside down towards the steam head
  • Once you finish the hatband, your hat is all-ready to wear.

Q.2. Can you steam a straw cowboy hat using a hat steamer?

A straw cowboy hat cannot be shaped with a hat steamer because its brim is already pre-shaped. Or, if your straw cowboy hat has woven brim wire, slowly bending the wire while steaming may help you out in shaping the hat.

However, it is recommended not to bend over your hat’s straw too hard. It could damage the brim and crown of your straw hat.

Q.3. How can I shape a felt hat using a steamer?

Yes, you can steam. The felt begins to lose out when it comes in contact with hot steam. Loosening of the felt makes it soft and liable to reshaping. You can easily stretch or press the felt to work on wrinkled areas, resulting in evenly-shaped felt hats.

Final Verdict

Now that’s the wrap-up for the best hat steamers in 2021 you can hook up to for your loveable hats. If your daily attire is incomplete without wearing a beautifully-shaped straw hat, you can’t have a peaceful life without hat steamers.

With hat steamers, you can reshape your hat in the comfort of your home.

Moreover, you can enjoy the luxury, making your hat germ-free, odorless, and fresh-looking with just one swap in hat steamers.

Hopefully, through this helpful guide, you will be able to choose the best hat steamer for yourself. Still confused! Send us your query and let us help you in the best way possible



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