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8 Best Steamer for Clothes and Curtains 2022

Are you worried about removing wrinkles and stains from the curtains? Do you feel difficulty in washing and straightening them? Keep calm!

We have compiled a list of the Best Steamer for Clothes 2021 and their buying guide. Keep going to know how to steam wrinkles out of drapes conveniently.

We are introducing the best steamers in town to wrinkle-free and clean the drapes and curtains along with their usage guide. Steamers are the perfect choice one can have for their curtains and drapes.

Clean and straight curtains serve as a charming sight for guests when they cross the threshold and can’t resist praising your sense of style.

Cleanliness is everything. Most people focus on cleaning their house and furniture and ignore the curtains. The curtains stuffed with dirt and moisture may cause a risk of fungus.

Children often hide behind these curtains, which results in health issues. Therefore, cleaning your curtains and drapes using a steam cleaner is appropriate and economical.

Before spending a lot on any product, look for the features to maximize your investment.

We are offering the best steamer for clothes and curtains with unique features. You won’t regret their purchase.

Let’s take an insight into this article to know about the best fabric steamer for curtains.

What Are Steamers for Drapes?

steamer for curtains and clothes effectively removes creases and cleans draperies. The warm flow of steam coming out of the appliance assists you in working on various fabrics without difficulty.

The top-rated drape steamer can operate for a more extended period due to the greater size of the water tank.

Due to new technology, steamers are a valuable way of sanitizing and de-wrinkling clothes without any direct contact with the fabric of curtains.

Due to simple and fruitful results, household females and professionals prefer to use a steamer on curtains instead of an iron. The steamer comes in a wide range such as:

  • Stationary
  • Moveable
  • Wireless
  • Wired

Using a heat steamer for heavy drapes makes the fabric feel richer, fresh, and more natural in texture.

8 Best Steamer for Clothes and Curtains 2022 [Reviews and Buying Guide] 4

Can You Use a Garment Steamer on Curtains?

A curtain steamer is the best cleaning instrument when you feel hard to put them in a dryer or washing machine. This product has many advantages, which are listed below:

  • The curtain steamer is environmentally friendly. Apart from cleaning, it also disinfects various bacteria and fungi.
  • The best steamer for clothes and drapes blows away hard stains and provides a pleasing odor to the curtains and fabric. Such steamers are easy to operate and handle.
  • Curtain steamers also remove all the grease, dirt, or grime from the curtain. You can use these steamers on various fabrics. The best steamer for clothes and cleaning drapes is also pocket-friendly.
  • The steamer for clothes and drapes is made of good-quality material that does not wear out quickly.

Steamer for Clothes and Drapes

Table of Content

Buying Guide

  • Water tank
  • Heating element
  • Safety features
  • Length of the power cord
  • Hose flexibility
  • Modes of heating
  • Wheels
  • Convenience
  • Additional accessories
  • Price and warranty

Reviews of the Best Steamer for Clothes and Drapes by:

  1. Jiffy
  2. Rowenta
  3. PurSteam
  5. Hilife
  6. MagicPro
  7. Greatic
  8. Conair

The Best Steamer for Clothes and Drapes – FAQ Guide

Let’s take a deep look at the leading household and commercial steamer for drapes, their characteristics, merits, demerits, and reviews.

Steamer for Drapes

Buying Guide – How to Select the Best Steamer for Clothes and Drapes

Before you select and get home a drapery steamer, you must consider some of its features. No doubt, we all want to purchase excellent products.

8 Best Steamer for Clothes and Curtains 2022 [Reviews and Buying Guide] 5

So, before selecting and making a purchase, you must look at the buying guide of that specific steamer. It includes:

Water Tank 

Considering the capacity of the water tank is vital before making any investment in that product. Try to choose that big curtain steamer, and you do not have to refill it after each interval.

Various handheld steamers come with a tank capacity ranging from 350 to 400ml. These types of curtain steamers provide an efficient steaming effect (20min).

Also, look for that steamer that assists in easy refilling the water. As a result, you can easily sanitize and de-wrinkle your curtain and drapes.

Last but not least, you should pay heed to the sealing of the tank so that it may not cause leakage issues during operation.

Heating Element 

The essential part of selecting a steamer for drapes is the heating element. It is a productive and decisive element for the perfect steaming of curtains and garments.

A high-quality heating element provides easy cleaning and steaming of home curtains.

Safety Features 

Your care is our foremost duty. So, we suggest you go for the steamer with remarkable protective features and does not harm you.

Some drape steamers get too hot when used for a long time as they lack an automatic shut-off option. Choose the steamer that includes a turn-off feature to protect from severe accidents.

Be careful when selecting your steamer for clothes and drapes:

  • Time required by steamer to get too hot
  • The automatic shut-down capability

Length of Power Cord 

Before rushing towards a purchase, you should look at the power cord’s length. The shorter the size, the more difficulty you will face in reaching and steam cleaning high-roof drapes and curtains.

So, opt for the power cords with long cables that prove grateful.

Hose Flexibility

Do notice the flexibility of the hose before selecting the product. Such type of hose helps in vertical cleaning and ironing the hanging drapes.

Modes of heating 

Try to select those steamers that add the feature of various power modes. In this way, you can adjust the modes according to the fabric you are steaming.


You must select those steamers for hanging draperies that come up with movable wheels, and you feel comfortable with their usage.


This feature is a must to perform your job better. When you select a lightweight, sleek, and modern steamer for your curtain, you enjoy every part of working. It would be best if you considered the following parameters when buying a drape steamer:

  • Design
  • Weight
  • Size

If your steamer lacks these qualities, you may feel exhausted after a few minutes of holding and working with it. However, for

Bring at home those cleaners which entail various accessories such as safety caps, multi-functional hangers, and a brush for fabric.

Such accessories enhance the efficiency of your special steamer, and they can adjust the steam setting and the size.

Price and Warranty

You must consider the amount of investment you want to make on the steamer for clothes and drapes. There are several products in the marketplace with high and low prices.

Do not get deceived by someone purchasing the fake steamer at higher rates. Look for the appliance quality, warranty, and features.

Try to buy a pocket-friendly and good steamer for drapes with all the features of a perfect steamer and lasts longer.

Mostly, the warranty period is about six months to five years. The more extended the warranty, the better will be the product.

Best Hand Held Steamer for Drapes – Top 8 Steamers and reviews

1.    J-2000 Jiffy Garment Steamer with Plastic Steam Head


When looking for the best steamer for clothes and drapes in the market, J-2000M Jiffy is the number one choice.

Jiffy drapery streamer is good at removing wrinkles from curtains and can be used on multiple fabrics with no harm.

It provides the benefit of a large water reservoir that helps decrease the refilling session. It constitutes a valve to avoid the dripping of water droplets on the material.

The coverings of the Jiffy steamer are hard and use heavy-duty plastic. Wooden handles make it durable. This steamer has a long pole and 5-hoot hose that efficiently operates over large curtains.

It is applicable for both commercial and household usage.


  • 5 feet long hose
  • 6” wide plastic steam head
  • Weighs88 pounds
  • Wattage: 1300 watts
  • Steam time: 1.5 hours
  • Water reservoir capacity: 2.84 liters
  • Heat-up time: 1 minute
  • Moveable wheels
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Dimensions: 15 x 10 x 64 inches


  • Provides heating in 2 minutes due to brass heating element
  • the water reservoir is easy to fill
  • It consists of wheels and has mobile nature.
  • Hard plastic covering makes it reliable for an extended period
  • Operates with a power of 1300 watt
  • The appearance is not pleasing
  • The poll results in storing difficulty
  • For North America, the power is 120 volt

2.      Rowenta Professional Steamer for Drapes

Are you tired of the hectic washing and ironing of curtains?

Rowenta steamer for clothes and drapes is the need for everyday usage. Its advantage is that your curtains are tidy and wrinkle-free in no time.

This steamer gives the benefit of steaming level, which is incredible. It helps in steaming and sanitizing heavy draperies without harming them.

Rowenta steamer has a powerful motor that provides efficient steaming with ironing. It is budget-friendly.

The adjustable board has three ergonomic positions. You can fix it based on your need (horizontally, vertically, and diagonally).

It consists of powerful turbo steam technology and provides you with better steaming.


  • Wattage: 1500W
  • Compact design
  • All-in-one solution steamer + iron
  • It kills 9%of germs
  • Safe for all kinds of fabric
  • Portable steam wand
  • Removable water tank
  • The heating timeis 45 seconds
  • Water tank capacityis 1 liter
  • The power cordis 3 meters long
  • Dual adjustable poles
  • It has a powerful heating element
  • Quickly heats the water (45 seconds)
  • Provides easy refilling of the water tank
  • Suitable for numerous fabrics and saves them from burning
  • It consists of a metal faceplate for heating
  • Versatile nature
  • Small power cord
  • Do not de-wrinkle the linen fabric smoothly
  • It is a little bulky
  • Packaging complaints

3.      PurSteam Full-Size Heavy-Duty Garment Steamer – Best for Large Curtains

Are you searching for the best drapery and curtain steamer? Don’t worry.

The trend for drapery and curtain steaming is increasing to get rid of hassle washing, so Gadgetsvela is here with the best PurSteam Garment Steamer to share your burden.

PurSteam Garment Steamer is a sturdy, fast, durable curtain and drapery steamer with perfect functionality features.

It de-wrinkles and tidies up your curtains in no time and provides a continuous power flow of steam on your fabric. Its heating elements heat the inside water quickly.

It features an adjustable dial to control the flow and possesses a long hose to steam and clean long hanging curtains.

The weight of PurSteam Garment Steamer is about 13.71pounds, and the tank capacity is 2.5liters.

PurSteam steamer for clothes and drapes is (undoubtedly) the best human companion.


  • High-pressure steam
  • Woven hose
  • Multi-functional deluxe hanger
  • Burn protective safety cap
  • Large water tank
  • Cash-back guarantee
  • 4-level steam adjustment choice
  • Wrinkle attachment
  • Heating time: 45 seconds
  • Wattage: 1500W

  • The unit takes no comprise on the safety of the fabric
  • It entails a safety cap to protect the user from skin-burning
  • Efficient steam flow (up to 30%)
  • It contains a fast heating element
  • Can operate with regular tap water without resulting in anti-scaling
  • It adds the advantage of deluxe hangers, fabric brush, mini ironing board, and pant press
  • The wheels placed on the bottom are hard
  • The hose is extra-long and challenging to carry

4.      BIZOND Hand Steamer for Drapes

Do you hesitate to clean your long-hanging drapes and curtains?

We have a solution for you.

BIZOND steamer for clothes and drapes is the best handheld mini steamer to wash away all the dirt and steam iron your hangings.

Many other steamers in the marketplace spit hot water out of the device, but our significant steamer unit does not face such problems and makes your task easier.

This steamer for clothes and drapes has come up with a unique design that you can use from any angle without fear of hot water leakage.

It configures nano filters inside the unit, which isolates water from the heating element resulting in the durability of the heating element.

This steamer provides steaming up to 10mins, and the tank capacity is 100ml. This best steamer for clothes and drapes has auto-shutoff capability after every five minutes to avoid the unit’s extreme warming.

With our BIZOND Steamer, you do not have to wait a long time to steam your fabric and curtains.

  • The unit is lightweight (570 grams)
  • Unique design benefits anti-spilling and anti-spitting
  • The power switch is easy to glide (on and off)
  • Efficiently heats the water due to active heating element
  • It is a portable device
  • It entails a small water reservoir
  • It does not function well (steam) on heavy cotton fabric and curtains.

5.      Hilife Handheld Steamer for Curtains – Best for Velvet Curtains

The Hilife steamer for clothes and drapes needs to tidy up your old drapes or curtains loaded with dirt. With this unique steamer, sanitizing your heavy draperies is a breeze now.

This best steamer for clothes weighs approximately 2 pounds and is portable for trips. This monster steamer proves your best companion no matter where ever you go.

It has an extended power cord to connect with the socket, and the capacity of the water reservoir is up to 240ml, which makes cleaning easier.

The handle is comfortable and results in easy operation. It is beneficial for providing you with a powerful steaming effect.


You can carry out all the dirt from velvet fabric and can de-wrinkle your curtains and drapes with ease.

  • The body is compact and lightweight
  • Easy to hold and carry
  • The length of the power cord is 9.2 feet
  • Large tank capacity last water for about 15mins and do not run out easily
  • It can drip water out of the steam hole
  • Initial heating of the element consumes much time

6.      MagicPro Portable Garment Steamer – Best Steamer for Clothes and Drapes

The MagicPro portable drapes steamer functions incredibly when the purpose is to steam clean your curtains. It makes the steaming worry-free due to the safety features equipped in it.

It would help if you considered this for handheld steamers. I’m pretty sure you won’t regret it.

The design of this steamer is quite different as it involves user and fabric protective features in the unit. It can automatically turn off when the water level reaches too low or over-heating.

It is advantageous due to the fabric brush, which removes all the scales or fine lines on the curtain. It does not spit water on the clothes. You can eliminate wrinkles from all the curtains with a single fill.


Are you looking for the best steamer for sheer curtains?

It is beneficial for numerous fabrics like cotton, velvet, wool, linen, silk, and polyester.

  • Consist of electronic pumping system for water
  • Adds protective features in the unit
  • Do not weigh heavier
  • Applicable on complex fabrics
  • The water tank capacity is up to 300ml
  • When used for a long time can cause problems in unit
  • The power cord is shorter

7.      Greatic BK-688 Steamer for Clothes and Drapes

The GreatBK-688 is a monster steamer that evenly steams the curtains and clothes. It is an active steamer and heats the body in 45 to 60 seconds. The high temperature ensures the removal of germs and wrinkles.

When the water in the unit drops too low or finishes, it has the feature to auto shut off to avoid damage. The working power reaches 1500W. It possesses a long telescope-type rod and retractable hangers.

This steamer can use tap water, but it requires frequent de-scaling.

  • Steam up the curtain and fabric in no time
  • Washes away all bacteria
  • Adjustable hangers for easy clothing removal
  • Use fresh or filtered water to prevent clogging of water holes and remove stiff particles.

8.      Conair Complete Steam – The Best Steamer for Clothes and Drapes


Conair garment steamer is also a perfect solution for curtains and drapes. This high-quality steamer can steam, clean, and de-wrinkle the delicate and complex fabric easily.

Conair complete steamer is a portable steamer. You can wrinkle-free your drapes, curtains, bed covers, runners, rugs, and everything in your home without any hesitation.

It gets heat-up quickly and can work continuously for 90 minutes. It also has an auto shut-off ability when the water level falls from a certain point.

It also constitutes a 5-feet long hose for easy cleaning, which seems incredible. It also has retractable hangers.


  • Dimension: 14.25 x 17.5 x 17 inches
  • Water tank: 80 oz.
  • Steaming lasts up to 90 minutes
  • Wattage: 1500W
  • 360-degrees rotating hangers
  • Adjustable clips
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Weight: 10.4 pounds
  • Easy Rollers
  • Heats up quickly
  • Automatic turn-off
  • Disinfects the germs and dust
  • Retractable hangers with clips
  • An empty release valve for easy cleaning and filling
  • Adjustable telescopic poles
  • Too costly
  • The hose needs to be longer for convenience

Best Steamer for Clothes and Drapes – The Ultimate FAQs Guide

Here are some concerns based on the best steamer for clothes and drapes in the marketplace. Let’s dive into this article to know more about it.

1.     Which Type of Fabric Does Not Qualify for Steaming?

Although, heat steaming is the best criterion to clean and wrinkle-free your garments and curtains. However, some fabrics do not bear heat steaming and become weakened. These are:

  • Plastic clothes do not suffer heat steaming
  • Velvet and chiffon also have chances of fabric damage

Cotton, silk, and polyester are suitable for steaming despite these fabric materials.

2.      Which One Is Better, Drapes Steaming or Ironing?

Here is a challenge to whether ironing is suitable for draperies or heat streamers. But a heat streamer has more advantage and grip over ironing heavy drapes.

  • The first advantage is that a steamer does not weaken the curtain’s material and removes all the creases over it without getting near.
  • With a steamer, you can remove dirt or stains from the curtains and disinfect the germs. It’s an additional benefit that ironing does not provide.
  • A heat steamer does not require space to clean the curtains. In contrast, ironing needs proper space for cleaning and de-wrinkling.

3.     Explain the Working of Drapes Steamer?

A steamer for clothes and drapes needs to be used accurately to remove stains, dust, and wrinkles. You start steaming the drapes by hanging them on the rods.

The steamer utilizes water and transforms it into vapors. To operate it, fill the water tank up to a certain point, hold the curtain steamer’s hose upright, and direct the holes far from your body.

The steamer contains a heating element that boils the water, further producing steam. It has an adjustable heat setting mode which permits you to adjust the heat of the water in the tank.

The steamer for draperies works with determining whether the heat produced is enough to clean the dirt and set the wrinkles, or it may harm the fabric due to over-heating.

When the steam comes out, you drag away the dirt and de-wrinkle your curtain easily.

4.     Which Is the Best Steamer for Clothes and Drapes?

The high-pressure steamer not only blows away the litter on draperies but purely disinfects them and removes all the wrinkles present in the fabric. Such a steamer makes your life worry-free.

Although there are many best curtain steamers, I regard J-2000M Jiffy and PurSteam Garment Steamer as the top-graded choice considering the problems and solutions.

5.     How to Steam Drapes That Are Thick and Heavy?

De-wrinkling your heavy draperies is not a difficult task anymore. For example, you can use a steamer on a blackout curtain, having a high-steam setting. It would be best if you operated your heat steamer at the power of 1500W.

You can also provide steam from the backside, depending on the backing of your curtains. The steamer entails a head that carries away the wrinkles from blackout curtains.

For safety purposes, try to use a steaming glove to restrict the burning sensation on your hands.

6.     How Can You Sanitize a Jiffy Drapery Steamer?

We suggest you clean your best steamer for clothes and drapes after every 3 to 6 months. The ways through which you can clean your Jiffy steamer are:

  • White vinegar or distilled water
  • Cleaning solution for Jiffy

White vinegar costs too expensive to clean the steamer. It would be best to sanitize it with a pre-made solution to make it durable and high-operational.

Wrap up!

After viewing all the features and processes of steamers, we offer you the best steamer for clothes and drapes to give a whole new charming look to your home embellishment.

For any queries, comment us in the section given below. We love to make our customers’ dreams come true.

Indeed, you won’t regret the purchase of our quality product.



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