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How to Boost WiFI Signal Through Walls: 8 Surprising Tips

Have you ever wanted to sit in your favorite coffee shop or outdoors on a good sunny day, but your Wi-Fi was not supportive enough to allow you to do so? Often inside the home, your Wi-Fi will not give enough signals to carry out a task or watch Netflix. This ruins your mood and diminishes your productivity.

Other than that, it disturbs your online presence or a meeting with a client. When you are getting on and offline often, your connection with the other person and your conversation affect you.

To eliminate all these problems and know how to boost Wifi signal through walls, Let’s jump into the article! It will get your wifi signals to reach your device, no matter how far you are from it, or if a wall is between your device and the Wifi router, you can imply the mix of the following solutions to get started.

Let’s get started!

Do Walls Interfere with the Wifi Signal?

How to boost Wifi Signal through walls

Wifi consists of electromagnetic radiations that can travel through walls and obstacles in waveform just as the light waves pass through glass windows. Generally, the Wifi signals reach your device even if the router is far from sight.

But sometimes, that connection is lost in the middle. That is because of strong or thick obstacles that might come in between your device and the router.

This results in the interruption of the signal, which affects its passage. The signal is being reflected or absorbed in that case.

How does Wifi Signal Travel through Walls?

The gulp of technology to introduce wireless solutions for devices is an important factor for Electromagnetic waves. These waves connect not only Wifi but Bluetooth.

These waves pass through a wall with the frequency they have. However, sometimes the frequency of the waves is interrupted. It either gets reflected (when the wifi signal from the router gets dissipated into the environment and the energy is lost in the air), or it gets absorbed by the walls. It usually occurs when the walls are thick.

How to Boost Wifi Signal through Walls

You may be thinking about how to boost Wifi signal through walls. Don’t worry! Here is your answer.

Electromagnetic waves are radio waves. Wifi connects to our devices wirelessly through radio waves. The number of gigahertz used depends on the size of the data being forwarded in a second. The amount of data you want to send is 3 or 5 gigahertz. The higher the frequency is, the more data is sent per second.

Here are some suggestions that you can apply from your side

1.    Install Ethernet Cable

The ethernet cable is connected to the primary router. It catches signals and transmits them to your device. The ethernet cable is a secondary router used for wired routers and serves as a signal transmitter.

For wireless routers, purchase a good quality wireless router to be able to access wifi signals through walls.

2.    Reduce the Obstacles

If the wifi router is kept somewhere inside the cabinet, its signals will be hindered from reaching your device, but if they are on eye level and visible to you, then keeping any distance from it would probably not affect your wifi signals.

Similarly, the less the furniture or any other hurdles in the way of the router will cause an interruption in the wifi signals. However, when you place your wifi router in an open space, chances are that your device will catch them properly.

3.    Analyze network

With the help of the network analyzer, check the strength of Wifi signals in any place in your home or office. Put the router near that place. If you need wifi in the dead spots at home, you will need to keep the router near it to have maximum signals in that specific area.

4.    Disconnect and Reconnect

As frustrating as it gets, you might need to power off the internet to catch better signals when turned on the next time. Although disconnecting and connecting wastes time, you can get a new set of signals right after.

5.    Modem Extension

Contact the internet service provider to upgrade your router or do it yourself by connecting a modem to the access point. Modem serves as a signal amplifier for increasing the frequency of the signals.

Connecting access points to the primary router gives better signals even if you are far from your device. With the Wifi extender, you can connect with the wifi other than the original router and AP(Access point).

6.    Update the Router Firmware

Updating the router firmware is always a solution because there are new software updates to the routers for product performance so check with your ISP (Internet Service Providers).

Internet access in different locations depends upon the connectivity of their wifi. Nowadays, fixed broadband internet is more popular than mobile broadband internet. This calls for strong signals to connect with the Wifi to have internet access.

Statistic research in the UK found that the use of broadband internet in homes is increasing yearly and that  “the share of households with a broadband internet connection has increased by more than 100 percent in the last decade.”

7.    Position Your Router towards the Device

If only you want to do an important task on your device, position the router facing your device so that your device can catch signals and work better. Sometimes, the frequency range of the signal is low. Increase it so you can have better wifi. This can be done on the settings menu of your wifi.

Research conducted in the UK states that “the focusing effect is verified by scanning the spatial distribution of electric fields.

To validate its use in the 5-GHz Wi-Fi environment, we demonstrate that the metalens can reconnect a network channel that is otherwise broken due to weak signal strength, and thus, significantly increase the data transmission rate.” This is one of the best answers for how to boost Wifi signal through walls.

8.    Turn off Other Devices.

Use the wifi for only one purpose. If it is important, then it will receive most of the signals. It will not help the people in the house who need it, but you can choose the quality of service for the app’s priority.

Make the apps you want to use a priority to get the maximum Wifi signals, although others might get it slower.

Boosting Wifi through Walls

The above solutions can be implemented without calling the ISP (internet service provider). These are simple tricks and suggestions to get your answer about how to boost Wifi signal through walls. If you call your ISP, they cannot do anything about magnifying the signals unless your router needs an upgrade. If it does, contact your ISP. Otherwise, moving your router around will solve the problem mostly.



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