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How to Connect TV to WiFi Without Remote: Top 2 Exciting Techniques

We have entered an era where we can’t live without the internet for a second. We need internet 24/7. Sometimes, staying offline for a while also becomes a big loss for us. Rapid technological advancement allows us to connect our televisions to wi-fi.

Isn’t it sound interesting to know how to connect TV to wifi without remote? Suppose you make a bowl of popcorn and then sit on your cozy couch to binge-watch any series on a big screen. But what if you can’t find the remote of your TV? You would have to drop your movie scene, right?

Here is some good news for you! You can connect your TV with Wi-fi without any need for a remote. Sounds cool? But the question is how to connect TV to WiFi without remote?

So, there are 2 ways to connect tv to Wi-Fi without a remote.

  • Wired Connection
  • Wireless Connection

1.   Wired Connection

Ethernet cable

how to connect tv to wifi without remote

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This is the first way you connect the TV to WIFI without a remote. I will tell you in detail how to connect a television with an Ethernet cable using a wire if you can’t use a wireless connection because of some reason: the router being far away etc.

  • Step # 1: you need an important tool to make a wired connection possible; in this case, you will need an Ethernet cable. They are very easy to find.
  • Step # 2: Connect the cable to your router and television. Every router on its back has an Ethernet port to which you connect your cable with it very easy to it only goes in one way; it goes in with the clip side is directed you should push it into the port until you hear a click sound, same as to remove it you should always push the clip downwards and pull it out whereas if you try to remove without pushing down the clip it damage the cable and it will not be usable anymore. Once you connect your cable to your router, it’s for the television. Simply find the Ethernet port on your television, plug it in the same as you plugged it in with your router, and remove it the same way.

This way, your television will automatically connect to your WIFI without using a remote.

Ethernet Adapter

how to connect TV to Wifi without remote

This is the second way to connect the TV to your WIFI without a remote, and I think more easy way.

  • For this activity, you will need an Ethernet adapter.
  • First, take your adapter and plug your Ethernet cable in; the cable only goes in one way, where the clip side is directed. Now connect the other of the Ethernet cable to your router.
  • After plugging in your cable, find the USB port on your television and plug the USB cable into the television.
  • Now it will automatically connect you to the internet, now you have got your tv connected to the WIFI without using any remotes.


Wireless connections are the easiest ways to connect tv to WIFI without remotes. Because you don’t need any wires for this purpose.

Connecting the internet to a television with a keyboard and mouse

This is the first wireless connection through which you can connect a tv to WIFI without a remote.

  • Step # 1: Take the cable from your mouse and keyboard, or if it is a wireless keyboard and mouse, take the dongle a USB.
  • Step # 2: Find the port to plug in the USB cable/dongle, then plug the plug into the port. The cable goes only one way, so for the port, line it up and push the cable/dongle in. For removing, just pull the cable normally out.
  • Step # 3: For this particular example, you need to have inbuilt WIFI in the television, so if you need to have a feature where you open the setting, go to WIFI and choose which one you want to connect wirelessly, select the internet connection, put in the password and in this way you have connected the WIFI to your television without using a remote.

Mirror screening (Mobile apps)

You can also connect your TV to WIFI without a remote through a mobile app in case you have lost your remote. But it depends on your TV and smartphone, and if you have both products of the same brands, you can easily connect your tv to your wifi through the mobile app of that brand.

But if you have both products of different brands, you can connect your tv to WIFI by following these steps.

First, you need to know that IOS phones and Android phones work differently.

Here I will tell you how you can connect TV to WIFI without a remote and through an iPhone mobile app.

IOS Phones

If your iPhone and your smart TV are from different brands, then it will be tricky for you to connect them because their features are incompatible. But some smart TVs have built-in iPhone support, which will help you connect your iPhone to your smart tv.

By followings these steps, you can connect WIFI to your smart TV with your iPhone.

  • Step # 1: your smart TV and iPhone must have the same internet connection
  • Step # 2: your smart TV must support iPhone support built-in (airplay feature)
  • Step # 3: if you have both of them, it is great, now go to the control center of the iPhone and click on the screen mirroring and find your tv model and connect with the wifi, and finally, last, open those apps in your iPhone which you want to watch on the TV.
  • Step # 4: when you have done, then turn off your screen mirroring

In this way, you connect your smart TV with your iPhone if you don’t have an Apple TV.

Android phones

Here is how to connect TV to WIFI without remote for android phones. If you have a smart TV and your android phone from the same brand, you can connect WIFI by downloading their app from the play store.

For Example, if you have Samsung smart TV and an android phone, you can connect WIFI to the TV without a remote by using the ‘’smart things‘’ app, which is designed for this purpose.

But what can you do if you have both things from different brands? You can connect your WIFI to TV by following these steps:

  • Step # 1: both devices must have the same internet connection
  • Step # 2: now download the app of that brand from the play store for the smart TV you have.
  • Step # 3: now go to the phone’s settings, find your smart TV brand, and connect WIFI.

Mobile hotspot

What will you do if you don’t have a WIFI connection for a moment and you have to do some important work on your TV? So don’t get upset and frustrated. You can also use your mobile hotspot to connect to WIFI.

You can connect a mobile hotspot to your TV like you connect your mobile with other mobile devices.

But always remember that you must have enough data on your mobile because smart TV uses a lot of data while streaming content.

We hope by now you get your answer to how to connect TV to wifi without remote. Enjoy your weekends!



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