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How to Connect WiFi without Password? : Best 4 Methods for Connecting Wifi Without Password

Is your Wi-Fi available?

The most common question often asked by the visitors and the guests in your house or any other place like restaurants or play areas is “Is your wifi available?”. You will often find people thinking about how to connect wifi without password. also, you may watch them curious about your Wi-Fi password to hook up with your Wi-Fi at your house, office, or restaurant; this is only to connect to your Wi-Fi without a password.

There were times when gadgets and smartphones were rare, but not anymore. Now you can find every type of technology in the world. People can easily connect to different Wi-Fi without using passwords but here comes the question, “how to connect wifi without password?”.

Password is not necessary anymore in this developed world. I will discuss here different methods to connect with Wi-Fi without a password.

  • WPS is used by Gadgets to connect to Wi-Fi without knowing the password
  • Router Guest Mode for connecting Wi-Fi without knowing the password
  • A QR Code on WPS is useful in connecting to Wi-Fi without a password
  • Free Wi-Fi password without knowing the original password

But here we want to clear the purpose of writing the article “how to connect wifi without password”. This article is only for gaining knowledge and educational purpose. Its usage in cracking someone’s Wi-Fi will be illegal. You will violate the rules if you use it for the wrong purposes.

In this article, we are going to discuss the following questions

  • Can you connect to wifi without knowing password
  • How to connect wifi without password?
  • Which app connect wifi without password?

Methods to Connect Wi-Fi Without Password

1.    Gadgets To Connect Wi-Fi Without Password uses WPS

WPS stands for Wi-Fi Protected Setup. It is used to connect different networks. It doesn’t mention names and passwords. It works with the combination of WPA Personal and WPA2 Personal Security Protocol.

Its major function is to provide a new Wi-Fi network that will be approachable to every new guest. You can use only a house owner’s Wi-Fi for WPS but no public Wi-Fi because public Wi-Fi is usually unavailable. They didn’t show their router.  Only invited guests can access the router.

You should have to set your phone’s settings according to the requirement completely. You simply need to connect your device with the router. It is far easier than trying the wrong password. 

Step One:-

 First, push the router button at the back of the router to turn it ON.

Step Two:-

Then go to the setting of your phone. Select the internet settings. Choose an additional setting. In additional settings, you will have to select Wi-Fi by WPS option.

Step Three:-

A short notification will come then you will have to on the router button. Turn on the router button before closing the WPS handshake protocol as early as possible.

2.    Routers Guest Mode for connecting Wi-Fi without a password

Another answer to the question about how to connect wifi without password is Router Guest Mode. The admin uses this method to share it with guests. It is not a secure or encrypted method. It can be easily used to share with your friends or guest. Many routers allow guest Wi-Fi connections that don’t need any password. This type of Wi-Fi network can be shared with guests or clients.

For example, if you are a businessman and your router allows guest mode. Then you can easily share your Wi-Fi with your clients. Because this type of Wi-Fi doesn’t work outside of that particular room.

So there will be no need to worry about anyone else using your Wi-Fi without your consent.

Step One:                                                                                                                         

Firstly you need to open the web browser on your phone or that particular gadget and then enter the IP address on the address bar on the router’s back.

Step Two:

Secondly, use your authority as an admin to get that particular person login into the router.

Step Three:

Thirdly find out the “Guest Network” option. Put your network name in the place of the name bar, or you can either leave the space empty.

Step Four:

Turn on the setting option in your phone or that gadget that allows the admin to share the Wi-Fi with a guest.

Step Five:-

Click on the save button to continue. This will be a bandwidth connection means you can limit the activity of guests according to your own will.

3.    A QR Code on WPS is useful in connecting to Wi-Fi without knowing the password.

A QR Code scan is another important method for connecting to Wi-Fi without a password. You can either use someone’s Wi-Fi with his consent or share your Wi-Fi with others through this QR Scan method. But in almost every case, users find this technique a little bit technical.

Step One:

Step one is different for iPhone and Android. Firstly on iPhone, you simply need to open the Camera and then go to the setting to continue. On the other hand, in Android, you need to download the QR Scan code app.

Step Two:

Go to the internet setting of the owner, and you will see an option where the wireless setting allows you to scan the code.

Step Three:

Scan the QR code in the Camera on iPhone and scan the code in the app on an Android phone. The Wi-Fi owner provides the QR Scan code. Now you can easily excess to Wi-Fi.

If you are also curious to know about how to connect wifi without password, this is one of the best methods of it.

4.    Free Wi-Fi Password without knowing the original or Apps for connecting with a Wi-Fi without knowing the Password

Are you also curious to know which app connect wifi without password? Here is your answer. Wi-Fi master and Free Internet are promising apps for providing free Wi-Fi. These are used by android phones. When you download free internet apps, you can access the nearest Wi-Fi. These apps provide Wi-Fi through hotspots by cracking the Wi-Fi password on their own.

Wi-Fi Master is also a reliable app to use for Wi-Fi free. This app works on your phone when your device has an initial setting to find the password of the wireless network. Root the tool on your device using this app, and you can copy the link.

Then simply paste it on the password bar, and you have access to the free Wi-Fi.

Taking Away

By following any of the methods as mentioned above, you can simply connect your gadget to Wi-Fi without knowing the password. We hope by reading this article you get your answer to the question “how to connect wifi without password?”



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