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How to Get Free Internet on Android: 3 Best Ways to Get Free Internet on Andriod

Have you ever felt bored on a long trip, even if you had your smartphone? That’s because all of a sudden, its data got eaten up. Then, you had nothing to do because there were no Wifi signals either. And for the first time, your mobile phone seemed a useless entity.

That happens on long trips and travels when your data gets finished, and most often, you want it for editing your Vlog or sending an important update to your crew or family.

At that point you might be wondering about how to get free internet on android phone, right? Don’t worry!

We are going to give you some useful tips to give you an idea of getting free internet on your Android. So, the next time, you are prepared for such a situation.

How to Get Free Internet on Android

You must first acknowledge that you want free internet in the legal ways possible. To know the answer to your question about how to get free internet on Android, dive into the article.

1.    VPN (Virtual Private Network)

How to get free internet on Andriod
How to get free internet on android


When you do not have Wi-Fi access in testing centers, waiting rooms, and during travels and your mobile data have finished up, you can use VPN (Virtual Private Network).

This network allows you to connect to their servers. The most trusted VPN is proon, Privado, and Atlas VPNs. These networks are safe and secure when using other private Wifi.

Therefore, your location and privacy are private, and your internet is not interrupted in between your tasks.

Ways to Get Free Internet on Android

Other than that, you can download apps that earn you points or dollars that help you use the internet on your cellphone without data or Wifi connection. Some of the applications for Android are easily accessible on Google Playstore.

Most of the apps ask you to follow their recommended suggestions, such as downloading a certain game or playing a game.

2.    Apps

Here are some applications to get perks from.


This Android App is found in the Google play store that can earn you free data when you follow the suggestions it tells, such as downloading a particular game you will play.


You can find this app in the Google play store. It works by saving you data while you are using the apps. It saves 2G to 4G mobile data and sums up to 300MB a month. Referring a friend also earns you 50 MB of data.


This app gives students discounts. When you have the app, it suggests other apps try. When doing so, you earn credits or data for your Android phone.


This app works when you carry out the recommended surveys it offers. It also gives you data when you download and use the apps recommended. They are usually free apps and free games you can download on your Android phone.

Hotspot Finder

This app helps out to find a free Wifi spot for you. If the Wifi is guest Wifi, then you can ask for the password from the owner. Otherwise, free Wifi can save you from boredom. With free Wifi hotspots, you can use free internet outdoors.


This app takes surveys, offers you to shop online, scan receipts, discover offers and receive bonuses. Those results give you plenty of rewards, including free mobile data.


This app allows you to utilize wifi on your trips where the other users make their hotspots available for others to connect with their wifi.

It is like the Hotspot finder where you have to depend on the primary server or primary Hotspot to get hold of the internet on your Android phone.


This app also provides free internet regularly when you engage with the elements of the app and further follow the suggestions. 

Can I get free internet on my phone?

Utilizing the above apps can help you collect plenty of data. Other than that, if you don’t want your mobile phone to get filled with apps and game apps, you can find other solutions, such as sensibly utilizing your Mobile phone plans. Mobile phones are prone to catching viruses from external servers and unnecessary websites.

The world needs more of the internet. That is why gaming apps are developing, and plenty of developers are excelling in creating gaming apps.

According to a study in the U.S. in 2019, “Google Play Games was the most popular mobile gaming related app in the United States with over 18.74 million monthly users.” That is because most people want free internet. After all, their 5G data consummate quickly.

However, with the rising need for free internet, more is the urge of the masses to access gaming websites. That creates a pool of users that is sometimes interrupting the app. Other than that, it impacts your mobile phone storage and security.

Getting 100 percent data from these apps is impossible, but these are the tested and legal ways to find your self-free data. You may find online hacks for “getting free mobile data for your Android phone,” but do not be fooled because there is a chance that your mobile phone will catch viruses and become of no use in the future if you rely on such websites for free mobile data.

Another method to collectively get data for your phone is to sign up with FreedomPop unlimited Wifi. It will allow 500 MB of data for making calls and SMS on your mobile networks.

3.    Mobile Hotspot

Other than that, use your hotspot on your android phone with a 5G connection to use the internet on your phone Check with your internet service provider for internet packages. If you need more data, purchase more data for future trips, so you do not get stuck.


The increasing demand for free internet is enhancing the opportunity to access more data with the development of gaming apps that sometimes are not trustable. Therefore the first thing to do is to get hold of an entrusted app that will save your time and energy.

Secondly, keep cleaning viruses from your Android phone so that any virus-prone website does not attack your device. Other than that, those mentioned above are user-friendly and easy to use. So, utilize them with the enjoyment of playing games on the go. 



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