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How to Make iPhone Faster: 11 Super Exciting Ways

Have you ever experienced a sloth-speed iPhone when you were outdoors and wanted to check the bus timings? Have you felt like it was a complete waste of time and thought to replace it with a new one? But what if after some time the new one function the same?

Well, when the iPhone plan- two years mostly- consummates, its programming starts to get slow.

But here comes the question, “How to make iPhone faster?” Don’t Worry! In this article, we are going to answer your primary questions along with the following queries:

  • Why is my iPhone faster than my iPad?
  • What makes iPhone faster?
  • What can I do to make iPhone faster?

For instance, your iPhone battery has gotten old therefore it is lacking its performance. The other assumption would be your poor internet connection which is loading the websites at a slower pace. You might mistake it for the iPhone getting sluggish. So, make sure to check your internet connection first, otherwise, you will be looking for the slow iPhone problem over the internet, rather than just adjusting your network connection. Furthermore, it might be that the iOS has not been updated, or the phone lacks enough storage.

Let’s get started!

How to Make iPhone Faster?

how to make iPhone faster?

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1. Delete the unwanted files

If you are just saving stuff on your phone, it will build up and you would not have enough storage. Your phone can get slower. Therefore, you must delete those. That is the way to clean up your phone. For instance, most iPhones become slow because in this photo-taking generation the iPhone gets to its full memory very quickly. Therefore, it requires to be taken care of on a week-to-week basis. That helps a lot in releasing the space and revitalizing the speed of your iPhone.

2. Close the applications you are not using

By closing the apps you are not using, you give space for the iPhone to use its maximum capacity to catch speed. The applications that are opened in the background using the iPhone’s storage end up in the phone’s slow function.

By closing all the apps that you are not using, you give rest to the phone and lower the burden of opening so many apps to memorize them to make them function.

So, give your iPhone one function at a time, and avoid keeping the background apps if you do not need them.

3. Charge your iPhone

If your iPhone is not 100 percent charged or a minimum of 50 percent, it affects the speed of your iPhone. Therefore, it is the best option to get your phone fully charged to get a full function from it.

4. Restart your iPhone

Switch off your phone to give it the rest it needs, and restart it. You will see better performance on your iPhone after that. Restarting your phone will not only boost the applications in your iPhone but also build up the memory of the phone making it high tempo.

5. Adjust your iPhone to normal temperature

iPhone stops its activity at high and low temperatures in extreme cold and extremely hot temperatures. Therefore, it may slow down the activity of your iPhone. The iPhone works at moderate temperatures. Bring your iPhone to room temperature to make it function fast.

6. Turn off the Low Power mode

For a good battery life and maintaining the battery at a safer mode, allow the maximum activity of the iPhone from wasting. The low power mode decreases the activity of your phone. Keep it off so that you can enjoy the good speed of your iPhone.

7. Clean up your iPhone storage

Sometimes, your phone is filled up with unnecessary photos, videos, chats, files, and audio that you do not need most often. However, you have them on your iPhone. You need to delete them to enhance the speed of your iPhone.

8. Remove unnecessary apps

Removing the apps that you do not use is another way to make your iPhone prompt. If you don’t need an app, you could simply delete it. It will save your iPhone’s speed.

9. iOs Update

The iOS update will fix any bugs that the worn-out version would have, and it would optimize your iPhone. An up-to-date version maximizes the speed of the iPhone to a certain level.

10. Turn off receiving instant Mails

Switch your mail from push mode to fetch mode. That will decrease the activity of your iPhone. You will not get notified upon a mail received. Instead of generating new emails, it will keep to the old emails. Therefore, its activity will boost comparatively.

11. Opt for Reduce motion option

When you find your iPhone activity lower, another way to enhance it is by changing your accessibility settings to reduce motion. That will decrease the iOS visual effects which save the battery from functioning extra. That is because the function of the iPhone is reduced and shifted to saving battery mode. As a result, the speed of the iPhone is leveled and you can see that the speed is retained. 

Why is my iPhone faster than my iPad?

Usually, the iPhone is a small device and handy. You will most probably make sure to clean it often from viruses. On the other hand, the iPad has more functions and you don’t most often pay attention to cleaning it as you have multiple functions going on in it. You don’t find the time to clean it.

With more things to save and play, the large screens make the iPad heavier on workload. Therefore, they are comparatively slower.

Another reason might be the quality of processors in iPhone that are more advanced than the iPad. The invention of new models of iPhones comes with new iOS updates, and therefore a better function. Whereas, the iPad models are seldom renewed which makes them slower with no iOS updates often.

What makes iPhone faster?

Following all the above suggestions would accelerate your iPhone. Clearing out the website pages and disabling the automatic upgrades of the iPhone can make it work faster. In another case, you might have to delete many things and you will end up losing data. So, keep a backup of those and clear out the iPhone memory.

Therefore, just keep the above recommendations handy for a time when you have no other options for fast-functioning. Until then, keep your phone charged and don’t fill up the storage of your phone so that it may function promptly over a function.

What can I do to make the iPhone faster?

You may choose to buy a new iPhone, but do try these tricks to get started with enjoying the high-speed iPhone. And especially before replacing your iPhone battery, try out these suggestions to save your time and money.

The above suggestions will speed up your iPhone but follow the first steps first: check the network connection and update your iPhone or turn off your phone and restart your iPhone.

As you must have observed, many ways to boost the speed of the iPhone are very much dependent upon the storage and battery life. If the storage is filled, the iPhone will work slower and if many apps are running in the background or even the fancy wallpaper will also eat up your battery. Setting up the Alexa app to receive calls is also the terminator of battery life.

Therefore, I suggest that to reap maximum benefits from your iPhone, keep it smart and clean. Use it for one purpose. For instance, if you have a job, keep your iPhone at that level with contacts, a few pictures with colleagues at parties, and a few events marked. You are a working person therefore, your emails can be accessed through your laptop device.



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